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Now is the best time of the year to schedule. We get booked up fast in spring We recognize that some homeowners will have concrete needs that go beyond repairing the driveway or sidewalk. Let’s talk about your specific needs and how we can help you take care of all your concrete-related projects.

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Lifting and leveling is our specialty.Concrete Lifting Reduces Liability and Accidents!

Eliminate accidents that may bring liability suits by removing hazards caused by sunken concrete. No more hitting cracks when you're shoveling snow!

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NO WAITING for new concrete to cure (replacement is usually 28 days). Concrete lifting, sometimes called Mudjacking (or Mud Jacking) concrete raising, concrete lifting, slabjacking, or concrete stabilization is a straightforward, cost effective and efficient concrete repair process which involves injecting concrete material below sunken concrete slabs. Level Best Concrete Lifting injects a concrete slurry to fill the void beneath the slab, pressurizing, or hydraulically lifting, the slab up to a level position. The process takes just hours to complete so your raised slab can be put back into use just hours after we raise it.


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Benefits of Concrete Repair

  • It can be walked or driven on almost immediately.
  • Adjacent landscaping and plantings are unaffected.
  • Clean and quick process.
  • Works great for remote and hard access areas.
  • Reduces down time for business and roads.
  • Controlled lifting to desired grades.
  • Very cost effective


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Concrete Lifting Saves You Money.

Lifting concrete avoids the additional related costs for demolition

and removal of the old slab and will usually costs about 1/2 to 1/3 less than replacement. The cost of Level Best Concrete services varies by size, condition and the amount of sinking, with less mess, less time start to finish. Concrete repair is the way to go.




We offer customized solutions

We offer the latest in advanced sealants for foundation repair and foundation wall crack injection on the market today. By choosing us, you will be assured that you are recieving the BEST

  • BEST Solution
  • BEST Products
  • BEST Pricing
  • BEST Methods

We have top notch specialists available to discuss your foundation needs, covering all levels of foundation concerns from leaks and large cracks to bowed walls and more.

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Here in Colorado, shifting soils and extreme weather conditions destabilize many foundations and cause cracks in basement walls, crawlspaces, floors, and in outside masonry

- extreme weather

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Epoxy injection is a non-invasive permanent repair solution for cracks and leaking, a much stronger material than concrete.

  • No excavation
  • Permanent seal
  • Strong bond
  • Stops leaking
  • No oder once dried (3-4 hours)
  • Restores stability without disturbing the foundation

- no excavating

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Benefits Of Using an Engineered Carbon Fiber Strengthening System.

• Permanently Stops Inward Wall Movement

• 196,000 PSI Tensile Strength

• Low Aesthetic Impact (Can be Painted)

• Engineered Approved Design

• Less than 1/8" Thick

• Conforms to Structure

• Non-Corrosive

• Non Invasive

• 4X Safety Factor


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